Eurofase BR-3DAK-2N Dakota 3-Light Bathbar review

If you want to provide a subtle and yet productive illumination to your bathroom then Eurofase BR-3DAK-2N Dakota 3-Light Bathbar, Satin Nickel/White is the most appropriate item for you to purchase. It is so easily incorporated in to your pre-defined bathroom styling that it becomes very hard to distinguish between original and remodeled bathrooms. So, judging by the parameters, one can really say that this particular bath bar provides very good results on application.


This product has been produced from Eurofase’s Dakota series of bathroom appliances and accessories. This product actually consists of 3 light bath bar along with a cover of a white marble glass. It has a functional attribute of producing appropriate functional illumination, along with a clean as well as sophisticated look. The glass shade that has been incorporated in this bath bar is very sophisticated along with an innovative design as well as effective lighting.

The Eurofase BR-3DAK-2N Dakota 3-Light Bathbar, Satin Nickel/White features a combination of three 35 watt light bulbs of type G9, along with slightly curved and frost glass made shades. This offers a very impressive glare which is not at all hurtful to the eyes. This smooth type of illumination offers a very bright light over the area; however it is not at all very disturbing and does not interfere with the lighting capacity or structure of the room.

The structure of this bath bar is also made of thin but sturdy chrome clips, and the shades provided along with it are not only made up of white color, but it can also be found with respect to a satin nickel finish for a better tinted illumination. The specialty of this particular bath bar is the fact that its design helps it to merge with any kind of wall color, or décor without any sort of dissimilarity or difficulty.

Total voltage specification of this very impressive bath bar is about 120 volt, and judging by the dimensions of this structure, the bath bar is quite big but not at all too bulky or stout for a sophisticated décor item. The design specifications, as it has already been mentioned, are quite innovative in nature, and they offer a lasting quality to provide an additional incentive to all of this.


1. Styling specs of this product is categorized under modern designing, along with nickel finish.

2. Light direction that has been incorporated in this product is of both up and down direction with appropriate amount of flexibility to offer.

3. Power source of this beautiful bathroom décor item is that of corded electric with appropriate safety protection.

4. This bath bar incorporates 3 halogen type bulbs for a better illumination and no harsh lighting.

5. The casing provided along with the bath bar is frosted to give a very crust look to 6teh décor along with enhancing the overall look of this product.


The advantages or positive points of this bath bar is all about its lighting spec. The illumination that this particular bath bar offers is very good along with a radiant glow that is very pleasurable to the eyes. Along with that, the contemporary charm that the whole equipment offers is very good as well, along with a steady current flow.


Nothing much to discuss about the negative aspects or cons of this product, except for the fact that the space occupied by this product may be of disadvantage for some bathrooms, as it is quite much.

Customer Reviews

According to several market feedback as well as customer reviews from several buyers who have bought this excellent product, it has been noted that it functions extremely well under operable conditions. The lighting fixture appeals to most of the buyers, along with a very easy installation guide to offer for setting up this product.

Apart from that, some of the customers also pointed out that it works very well with marble floor bathrooms as well as with large spaces due to its high power of illumination. Apart from that, it is securing, along with the glass cover that also yield to the protective interface provided with this apparatus.

So it can very rightly be said that the Eurofase BR-3DAK-2N Dakota 3-Light Bathbar, Satin Nickel/White offers a very good choice as a lighting instrument.