Progress Lighting P5675-31 5-Inch Up/Down Cylinder Black Review

There are times when choosing of the perfect modern light fixture for your house proves to be a daunting task or you. With so many products getting confused is normal. There are different products which are also getting launched with each passing day. One of such is that of Progress Lighting P5675-31 5-Inch Up/Down Cylinder with Heavy Duty Aluminum Construction and Die Cast Wall Bracket Powder Coated Finish UL Listed For Wet Locations, Black. In this article you will get an idea about the effectiveness of this product.

The details of the product

In any of the product there are a lot of features. The features are such which helps them in being different from the other products that are available in the market. Also, you need to know about the different aspects of the product so that you can decide that it is meeting your requirements or not. Here are some of the special features of this product.

  • This product has a black finish which makes it look gorgeous.
  • It has the ability to be the part of any of the room décor in a perfect way. It blends in your décor and helps in enhancing its stunning look.
  • The shade is that of metallic in this product and that have a cool effect.
  • The size of the product is that of 5 inch.
  • The width is that of 14 inch.
  • This product has an extent of 8 inch.
  • The recommended use of bulbs for this product is that of PAR 30. You can also make use of BR – 30. However, you need to make sure that they are of 75 watts.
  • The product is such which helps in enhancing the aspect of light and thus you get a better illumination.
  • The weight of the product is that of 2.8 pounds.
  • It can be fixed anywhere in your house with total ease.
  • The voltage of this fixture is that of 120 volts.
  • The power source needs to be taken directly from the power wires.
  • You can accommodate two lights in this product.
  • This fixture is effect for any of your room.
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The Pros

There are some of the awesome advantages of Progress Lighting P5675-31 5-Inch Up/Down Cylinder which have made it popular in the market. Let’s take a quick peek about the aspects which can be considered to be a sting point for this product.

  1. This product is prepared with utmost safety. That is why you can be sure that when you install it, then you do not have to worry in any way.
  2. It presents you with the maximum amount of light possible.
  3. The electricity consumption is very low and thus it doesn’t add on to your electricity bill.
  4. The aspect of installation of this product is very easy and without much of hassle.
  5. The look of the product is very chic and present you are feeling of sophistication.
  6. The product is durable and thus will last for a very long period of time.

The Cons

There is no product in this world which doesn’t have a hint of negative among all the positive aspect. This product is also the same. The only problem in this product is that the direction given for the installation of this product is not very clear. However, you can take the help of the online platform to know about the ways of installing the product.

Market review

The product of Progress Lighting P5675-31 5-Inch Up/Down Cylinder with Heavy Duty Aluminum Construction and Die Cast Wall Bracket Powder Coated Finish UL Listed For Wet Locations, Black is such which have both positive and negative sides. Judging both, it can be said that the positive side of the product is more profound. Also, this product has emerged to be a craze in the market since it was launched. People simple love this product and they are getting it installed in their house. The best part is that this product is such which is absolutely affordable. That is why it can prove to be profitable for you to get hold of this product. You will get this product in any of the leading e-commerce website.

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